Apple’s fans: 6 easy ways to show off your best photos

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When you want to show your photos, you always want to have the best look of your photo to show your friends, family, parter…..Show let’s check 6 steps to make sure that you have a good photo:

Quick Look

Have a quick look and over view of your list of your  photos: quick Look lets you assemble a slideshow at warp speed.


Like QuickView, you can’t customize a Preview slideshow but it gets the job done fast (and free).


iPhoto’s slideshows offer a wide variety of control over theme (visual animation style), slide duration, music, transitions, captions, and much more. 

For an instant slideshow of multiple Faces albums (great for anniversary parties), drag a Faces album into an empty area of your Source list to create a smart album. Next, drag another Faces album onto that same smart album and then use the Control-click technique to start the show.

Screen saver

From the Apple menu on your Mac, choose System Preferences and click the Desktop & Screen Saver icon.

The benefit of the Screensaver method is that if you have dual monitors, some themes (such as Vintage Prints) generate different slides for each monitor. You can also activate the show instantly by using Hot Corners; click the Hot Corners button, set one of the menus to Start Screensaver, then whenever you mouse into that corner of your screen, the show plays.

Mac to Apple TV

If you own an Apple TV, you can use it to parade your photos on your TV in a mind-blowing manner. If you’ve got an iCloud account, sign into it on your Apple TV, and choose iCloud Photos or Photo Stream from the main menu.

iPhone or iPad to Apple TV

With an iOS device and an AppleTV on the same wireless network, you’re set to awe others by projecting your iOS device’s display onto your TV.

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