Smartphone’s trendy design.

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There 2 biggest brand name of samrtphone is: Samsung and Apple. Which brands start the trend of the smartphone: heart your fingers and wallet.

“From a visual and cognitive viewpoint, large screens are great; they allow plenty of space for displaying content, while keeping text legible and buttons large enough for easy interaction. From a physical perspective, however, large screens pose some challenges.”

Consumers with small hands are particularly familiar with these. It can be tough to reach all parts of a large-screened phone comfortably and they can prove tricky to grip, especially if you happen to be standing on a bus, with one of your hands clinging to a pole for dear life.

“However, they also introduce a number of challenges that need to be managed, such as inadvertent activation of the display, and over-extending the thumb to reach the very bottom of the screen.”

“Another thing to consider is the robustness of the phone. Moving the screen to the edges may make the screen even more likely to shatter if dropped. The edgeless design also complicates the design of the first-line of defence against dropping: the third-party protective case.”

According to Mr Jenkins, the image above shows the “predominant posture” for smartphone use.

Users of smaller mobiles tend to maximise grip by supporting the corner of the phone with the palm of their hand.

“For larger phones, this creates a challenge in reaching the top part of the screen,” said Mr Jenkins. “One common response to this is for users to adopt a new grip, with their hand further up the phone.” This is demonstrated in the image below.

Problem comes with the cost: “With costs going up in manufacturing for both skilled resource and materials, coupled with the Brexit exchange rate issue, costs are sure to go up for phone case manufacturers.”

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