Tips for designer: Follow the trend of colour palettes!!!

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Yes! If you love colour, care about art and doing design, we sure you will have the question: what is the trend of colour palettes?

Matt DesLauriers, a graphic programmer who working at the Jam3, he had showed us a useful and interesting tool on the Awwwards: the collecting information on the most noteworthy websites  since 2009.


And here we are, the 20 sites of the Day with Great Color Schemes, which can make you easier in imaging your colour style.


You can visit the link below to more clear about the trendy colour.

Créations Namale By Phoenix The Creative Studio

LEVEL By Vide Infra

Brdr. Krüger By Relax, we are the good guys

Dream Team Katarzyna Konkowska By BrightMedia

L’Avenir, Dental Clinic By Phoenix The Creative Studio

QED Group By madeo

Quay Restaurant By Pollen

Teye By denkwerk

Weber – BBQ Cultures By UncleGrey & MediaMonks

Tens Sunglasses By Elegant Seagulls

Helbak Ceramics By Anders Bergh

Crea Carte By Dataveyes

Suspended Animations 2015 By Baptiste Briel & Flavinsky

Pablo The Flamingo By Pascal van der Haar & Nathan Gordon

Baku 2015 – Follow the flame By Steven Delcourt

Bonhomme By Bonhomme

Well Storied By Tool and Y&R NY

Austrian Summer Moments By Loop

Reebok: Be More Human Experience By Venables Bell & Partners, welikesmall

BRANDTS – Museum For Art & Visual Culture By Stupid Studios

Anton & Irene By Anton & Irene, Oleg Chulakov Studio

And Matt add the tool which could help us easier to match the colour together:

Hope this can help you easier to work out. If you have any question, please ask, our design team love to support you <3

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